The Five Best Chainsaw Chains 2019 – A Complete Buying Guide


If you need to carry out heavy-duty projects around the home like pruning limbs, trimming hedges, or cutting down a tree, the power tool you’ll need with you is a chainsaw.

There are different types of chainsaws, but they all need the right type of chain. If you use the wrong chain on your chainsaw, it’ll increase the difficulty and duration of the task, not to mention you’ll increase the risk of experiencing a dangerous kickback or chain binding.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the best chainsaw chains currently on the market.

Best Chainsaw Chain Reviews - (Updated List)

1.  Husqvarna 531300439 18-inch Pixel Saw Chain


First on the list is the Husqvarna 531300439 18-inch pixel saw chain. It is an ideal fit for your 18-inch’ chainsaw and delivers excellent performance and durability. It is a hardworking chain that is easy to install.

A good chainsaw chain should have a couple of extraordinary features. The drive links should fit perfectly into the chainsaw’s guide. It should also have minimal kickback and vibrations.

The Husqvarna 531300439 can deliver in both of these aspects, and with great efficiency. You can also use it on chainsaws that aren’t produced by Husqvarna as long as they are also 18 inches and the chain fits well.

Sharpening this chainsaw is very easy, and if your chainsaw has an automated sharpening system, then it’s even easier. The chances of you finding a better anti-kickback chain at an affordable price are slim.

If you fit it to a 50cc saw, you’d find that you can cut through wood as easily as butter. The Husqvarna 531300439 holds an edge quite well with minimal stretching. Make sure you keep the bar away from snow, rocks, and ice, and you’ll be able to cut all day long.


  • A 325-inch pitch
  • Vibration while in use is quite low
  • A high-performance chain
  • Ideal for an 18-inch chain bar
  • A 0.05-inch pitch

What we liked

  • It can work well with different types of chainsaws
  • It is more efficient thanks to its low vibration
  • Because it is a high-performance chain, it lasts longer than other chains
  • It is very easy to sharpen

What we didn’t like

  • Some users have complained that it didn’t fit their chainsaw, so make sure you check carefully before making a purchase.

2.  Husqvarna H4684 24-Inch Gauge Saw Chain


This is another product from Husqvarna, which is no surprise. Husqvarna has already made a name for itself with its exceptional outdoor power tools and accessories. Additionally, its chainsaw chains always have high-quality designs.

Most 24-inch chainsaws are true wood cutting beasts, but you’ll need the right chainsaw to draw out their maximum performance, and that’'s where the Husqvarna H4684 chain comes in. It delivers the best cutting performance in both easy and demanding tasks.

The Husqvarna H4684 chain is ideal for large chainsaws. It has a 0.050-inch gauge and a 3/8-inch pitch. The chain has 84 drive links, which is why it is great for quickly cutting through wood.

The chain is designed to give you a clean cut so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up debris and chips when you’re done. It has very little vibration and kickback to reduce user fatigue and increase user safety.

The teeth retain their sharp edge quite well, thus minimizing the need for regular sharpening. It can deliver high-performance cuts required for professional work, but it is also ideal for beginners due to its ability to make smooth, clean cuts, and also the fact that it requires little maintenance.

The Husqvarna H4684 is a low-kickback chain that’ll last you a long time. You can use it for some time before it’ll need sharpening, and when that time comes, you’ll find that sharpening this chain is extremely .

What we liked

  • It is easy to maintain and sharpen
  • It fits well with a variety of chainsaws
  • It is excellent for tough conditions
  • It has minimal vibrations
  • stop
    Lasts longer than many other chains

What we didn’t like

  • Maybe a bit loose if you don’t buy it for the right chainsaw

3. 2 PACK 18" 71-3619 S62 Oregon Chainsaw Chain


This two-pack chain set contains a pair of 18-inch Oregon S62 chainsaw chains. The Oregon S62 is arguably one of the top chainsaw chains on the market. It has a gauge of 0.050 inches, weighs 5.6 ounces, has a pitch of 3/8 inches, and has 62 drive links.

The Oregon S62 is a semi-chisel chain that is excellent for high-precision cutting. It is a heat-treated cutter chain with a unique design that allows it to deliver smoothly finished cuts with very little kickback.

The file diameter of the chain is 5/32, and it is ideal for 30-degree sharpening. It also has a depth gauge of 25/1000. The Oregon S62 is a hard-chromed premium chain made with advanced technology.

With this chain, you’re guaranteed sharp, smooth cuts with few vibrations and little kickback, as well as requiring very little sharpening. The 18-inch Oregon chains in this pack fit perfectly with most of the popular chainsaws available on the market.

They are efficient and lightweight, and great for cutting wood. They aren’t the fastest cutting chains out there. After all, they are safety chains, but they are reliable and durable.

What we liked

  • The semi-chisel hard-chromed cutters are very effective.
  • It is very convenient thanks to the precision cutting feature.
  • It can withstand high power levels.
  • It has low kickback and vibration to ensure energy efficiency and optimum safety measures.
  • stop
    The chain is easy to sharpen and maintain.

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t always fit with all of the chainsaws mentioned on the package.

4. Set of 3 Husqvarna 24" Professional Chain

If you’re looking for an affordable value pack for your money, then this set of three 24-inch professional Husqvarna chainsaw chains is what you need. It comes with three 24-inch Husqvarna chains, each with 84 drive links, a gauge of 0.050 inches, and a pitch of 3/8 inches.

The chains on this value pack are high-performance, low-vibration chains with square corner chisel cutters. They are best for high production of clean-cut wood. It has all the features you’d expect from a Husqvarna chainsaw chain.

The chains in this value pack are a perfect fit for a 24-inch Husqvarna chainsaw. So if you own any one of these chainsaws: the 288XP, 298, 357XP, 359, 362XP, 365, 371, 372XP, 380, 385XP, 394XP, 390XP, 395XP, 2100, 2101, 3120XP, 455 Rancher, 460, 460 Rancher, 560XP, 565XP,570, 575XP, or 576XP, then this value pack is the best thing you can buy.


  • The chains are all 24 inches.
  • They all have a gauge of 0.050 inches.
  • The pitch of the chains are 3/8 inches.
  • They have 84 drive links.

What we liked

  • It can easily and quickly cut through any type of wood.
  • It has low vibrations and kickback to give you a smooth performance.
  • It is easy to maintain and sharpen.
  • It can retain a sharp edge for long periods.
  • stop
    It is ideal for tough conditions.

What we didn’t like

  • Because they are all 24 inches, if you don’t buy them for the right chainsaw, it’ll be a bit loose and would require constant adjustments.

5. Oregon H72 ControlCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain

5.	Oregon H72 ControlCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain

For property owners wishing to maintain their home, one of the things they need to juggle is all the small jobs that add up.

 The bush that needs trimming, the branch that needs cutting… Soon enough, you’ll end up with a pile of jobs on your hands. With the Oregon H72 ControlCut chainsaw chain, you’ll be able to complete all of these jobs in no time.

 It is perfect for light work, is easy to maintain, and gives a smooth cut every single time.

You can also use it for bigger jobs, as the semi-chisel and micro chisel cutting style makes it an excellent tool for cutting off the occasional tree limb. It also gives you professional cuts, which makes it an excellent tool for the orchardist and experienced landscaper.


  • Lubritec Reservoirs

This particular feature allows you to work smarter and longer by delivering the best possible lubrication to your saw chain. By directing the lubrication to where it is most needed, your chain and guide bar will last longer and have less down time.

  • Low Vibration

The lower the vibration, the more comfort the chain will have. The low vibration design of the Oregon H7S reduces the vibrations by up to 25 percent or even more.

  • Chrome-Plated Cutters

The Oregon H72 chain stays sharper for much longer thanks to the layer of industrial hard chrome electroplated on all Oregon chain cutter. The chrome gives it a better resistance against wear, and a harder surface, which in turn gives you more time to spend cutting and less on grinding, filing, or sharpening.

What we liked

  • It requires very little maintenance and sharpening.

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t always fit with the chainsaws mentioned on the package.

Buying Guide

By now, you’ve seen some of the chainsaw chains that are dominating the chainsaw market. However, before you buy a chainsaw chain, you need to take some factors into consideration. First, let’s look at the type of chainsaw chains available for purchase.

3 Important Facts You Need to Know Before Buying Chainsaw Chain by TheRepairSpecialist

Types of chainsaw chains

Before buying any chain for your chainsaw, you need to think about the type your chainsaw requires. There are four types of chainsaw chains on the market with a near limitless combination of sizes, types, and features. The four types of chainsaw chains are low-profile cutters, semi-chisel cutters, full chisel cutters, and square chisel cutters.

  • Low-profile cutters

These are the most popular chains for chainsaws today. This is because they fit perfectly with several popular saws.

They are very simple and easy to use. However, they tend to cut slowly. On the upside, they can stay sharp for long periods. They are used mostly in softwood stands due to their amazing qualities.

  • Semi chisel cutters

These are quite similar to the low-profile cutters. Semi chisel chains usually keep their edge for much longer than full toolchains.

  • Full chisel cutters

These are the fastest cutters among the different types of chainsaw chains. They are best for general cutting purposes. They come with round grind profiles and have square radius edges. Full chisel cutters need to be sharpened regularly.

  • Square chisel cutters

These are similar to full chisel cutters, but are best suited to professional use. They cut quite fast, but aren’t suited for amateurs. They also tend to dull quite quickly, so they require faster sharpening.

These are similar to full chisel cutters, but are best suited to professional use. They cut quite fast, but aren’t suited for amateurs. They also tend to dull quite quickly, so they require faster sharpening.

Chainsaw Chain Types Explained By Human

When to replace your chainsaw chains.

An important part of chainsaw maintenance is knowing for how long you’ve been using a particular chain. During operation, the chain moves at extremely high speeds, which generates a lot of friction.

Not only does this heat up the chain, but it also wears it out as time goes on. If you use your chainsaw regularly, then you’ll need to know when to replace the chain.

Here are some signs that the chain on your chainsaw needs replacement:

  • The chain needs replacing when you notice that several teeth on the chain have broken off during use. Fewer teeth means the chain won’t be as effective in performing its duty, and the only way to remedy that is to replace the chain.
  • If the chain needs sharpening after every use, it means that the teeth are wearing out. They’ll also end up getting smaller, and when they get too small, you’ll need to get a new chain.
  • Constant use can also cause the rectangular cutters in front of the teeth to wear out and become smaller. Regular sharpening can cause the cutters as well as the teeth to reduce in size over time. When the cutters become too small, you’ll need to get new chains.
  • After prolonged usage, you may observe that the chainsaw needs to be pushed into the wood for it to cut the wood. In its best condition, the machine should do this on its own, without any added force. You may even observe the chainsaw bouncing off once or twice while cutting. The only remedy to this is to replace the chainsaw chain.

The chain is not the only part of the chainsaw that needs to be cared for. The chainsaw bar also needs to be kept in good working condition if you want the best use from your chainsaw. One of the functions of the bar is to face many hard surfaces and absorb some of its effects.

You or a chainsaw expert will need to examine the bar and determine the type of damage it has taken in its lifetime before it can be repaired. The bar needs repairing if you notice any of the following:

  • The bar appears crooked or bent
  • There are unusual cracks and wear on the bar
  • There might be too much movement in the chain as an indication of loose rail

Chainsaw bar repair typically includes making the rails work well so that the chains will work well in return. You may also need to grease the bar, depending on the type of bar on the chainsaw.

Factors to consider when buying chainsaw chains

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the different types of chainsaw chains, let’s look at the factors to consider before making a purchase.

  • Chain size

You want a chain that matches up with the size of the bar of the chainsaw. If the chainsaw’s bar measures 20 inches, then you’ll need to get a 20-inch chain.

If you don’t get the right size, either it’ll be too loose to cut, or it won’t fit at all. You can find the size information on the package. You can also manually measure the chain, but only after you’ve made a purchase.

  • Chain pitch and gauge

This is an important feature used to distinguish the chainsaw chains. The chain pitch and gauge determines the tension and vibration levels of the chain.

You can find the pitch and gauge specifications on the chain’s package. Most chain packages come with some sort of recommendation about the type of chainsaw the chain can fit.

This can be wrong sometimes, especially when the chainsaw and chain are from different brands. However, with the help of the pitch and gauge information, you’ll be able to get the right chain nine out of 10 times.

  • Anti-vibration

The vibration of the chain affects the traction and effectiveness of the chain while coming. Additionally, these vibrations can mean waste of energy. A lot of chains come with a system in place to reduce vibrations.

You should always get a chain with very little to no vibrations so that energy won’t go to waste.

If you use a chain with the wrong gauge on your chainsaw, it can also cause vibrations. So always ensure that the chain gauge matches the chainsaw.

  • Anti-kickback

One of the things you look for when getting a chain is the ability to cut through hardwood fast. Despite that, your safety should be your number one priority. Chainsaws are dangerous for a number of reasons, especially their kickback.

A kickback occurs when a chain cutter is stuck in a piece of wood while it’s at full throttle. 

This generates a force that pushes back on the user and can cause serious injuries. The more modern chains come with anti-kickback features that’ll help you remain safe when using chainsaws.

Final Verdict

There you have it — all you need to know about buying chains and a review of five of chainsaw chains. If you leave your chain to dull, it can cause overheating of the chainsaw assembly, and in turn, shorten the life of your chainsaw.

With this list, you can visit any online shop, purchase any one of these chains, and be at ease knowing you’ve gotten one of the top rated chainsaw chains on the market.

The buying guide is one of the most important sections in this article, as it’ll give you the proper information you need to make a purchase, so pay close attention to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best chainsaw?

Husqvarna, Makita WORX, BLACK+DECKER are made the best chainsaw.

What is the best angle to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

Parallel to the service mark for the filing angle is the best angle to sharpen a chainsaw.

Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?

Keep your chain out of the dirt when cutting or it will dull quickly.

What is the best chainsaw chain?

Husqvarna 531300439 18-inch H30-72 is the best chain on the market.

Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw chain?

You can use a manual hand file chainsaw chain sharpener and it'll worth it to purchase.

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