Best Gas Chainsaw For The Money – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Best Gas Chainsaw

The gas-powered chainsaw is one of the most dependable and well-loved outdoor tools on the market. Few power tools can compare to the force of a good chainsaw. None can compare to the danger.

The enhanced danger that comes with a product of this nature means you need to be able to find something with the best safety features, the most reliable guide bar, and the all-around most dependable performance.

Or maybe you just want the best gas chainsaw for the money. If getting a chainsaw cheapest is the most important thing for you, we can arrange for that as well.

So, without further ado, read on for some of the best chainsaws on the market.

Quick Picks

If you are in a rush but you still want the best chainsaw you can get your hands on there are a few quick recommendations we can take a look at.

Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews - (Updated List)

1. Husqvarna 18 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

  • Very powerful.
  • Massive bar.
  • Durable build.
  • Great brand.

The Good

Husqvarna is probably the best known and appreciated outdoor power tool company in existence. This saw is a true testament to why that is.

Not so Good

The Husqvarna is also crazy expensive. Budget buyers will need to stay an arm’s length away.


If performance is what matters to you the most this will be the chainsaw that you buy. It features a massive eighteen-inch bar that will equip it to work with even larger stock. It also includes a powerful motor that will be able to work with tough stock

The durable build will ensure that it fairs well against even incredibly hardwoods which will make this the go-to option for serious amateurs with a lot of land, or professionals that anticipate a high volume of work.

Indeed, it is the pros that will probably get the most out of this saw.  The price tag is very restrictive which makes it tough for the buyer on a budget to manage. Still, if you can pay the price it will be a very worthy saw.

2. Remington RM4216 16-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw 

  • Moderate price.
  • Large bar.
  • Carrying case.
  • Lightweight build.

The Good

A lot of good features all for a price that the average buyer shouldn’t have much trouble managing.

Not so Good

It isn’t quite powerful enough to handle harder woods. Amateurs will be able to get plenty of light to moderate duty use out of this bad boy but the features may wind up falling short for pros.


The Remington will be an appealing alternative to buyers that want an affordable but consistently reliable piece of equipment. It features a large bar that will make it easy to work with larger stock.

It also features a handy carrying case that will make it safe and easy to transport either for light professional or just along your property.

 If you want a dependable piece of equipment that will work well for the average amateur this is probably the saw for you. However, if you anticipate higher volume use or work with tough materials this saw simply won’t cut the mustard.

3. OppsDecor CS5900 58cc Gas Powered Chainsaw 20 Inch

  • Huge bar and chain.
  • Lightweight build.
  • Moderate price tag.
  • Quick start.

The Good

These are all the cozy features an amateur looks for in their chainsaw. A lightweight build, a decent motor, and a quick start button: all components that account for gear that your basic user will be able to make good use of.

Not so Good

The OppsDecor isn’t as durable as we tend to expect from heavy-duty chainsaws.


If you want a piece of equipment that can be depended on for a consistently reliable performance all at a good price this will be the one for you. This chainsaw features a very moderate price tag and a lightweight build.

It also comes with a quick start button that will make it easy to activate the motor without straining yourself. Finally, it features a twenty-inch bar and chain that will be well equipped to work through large materials such as thick trees and other difficult stock.

The build quality does leave something to be desired though. I found that the tool is not very well sealed which means dust can gain access to the sensitive electric components.

4. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020

  • Outstanding motor.
  • Huge 20-inch bar and chain.
  • Lightweight build.
  • Durable construction.

The Good

It’s a really effective chainsaw that will be able to make short work out of most materials.

Not so Good

It is difficult to start and features an overpoweringly loud motor that your neighbors aren’t going to like.


The Poulon pro is a really great opportunity for budget-minded buyers that want a saw with all the utility they could possibly hope for. It features a lightweight construction, a durable build, and a fantastic two stage motor.

Thanks to the twenty-inch bar and chain as well as the 2-cycle motor you will be able to make short work of thick, heavy trees.

There are a few minor issues to be aware of. For one thing, this is among the noisier chainsaws on the market. It produces a lot of sounds and noxious emissions that some users may find offensive. It can also be challenging to start which will grow irritating over time.

5. MAXTRA Extendable Cordless Gas Chainsaw

  • Pole saw chainsaw combo.
  • Tons of value.
  • Great motor.
  • Extendable pole.

The Good

It’s a great combo product that will do well by people that need a pole saw and a chainsaw.

Not so Good

If a chainsaw is all that you need this probably isn’t going to be the option you reach for. It isn’t made for heavy-duty use.


The Maxtra is a great cordless pole saw that will be good for buyers that need a piece of combo gear. The pole saw is extendable which will give you up to twelve feet of reach. The saw component can also detach so that it operates the same way as a traditional chainsaw.

It features a great motor and will be awesome for smaller jobs such as eliminating problem branches and trimming bushes and hedges. However, it also has its limitations.

This is not a tree felling chainsaw and won’t work well with heavy-duty stock.

6. CRAFTSMAN CMXGSAMA426S 42cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch

  • Good brand.
  • Reliable motor.
  • Decent sized bar and chain.
  • Sturdy build.

The Good

The Craftsman is a consistently reliable product that will be great for buyers with a little bit of money to spend.

Not so Good

Craftsman ain’t cheap. This is one of the most expensive options on our list.


The Craftsman is a great product for buyers that want a combination of utility and durability. This is a soundly build piece of equipment that has been sealed to protect against dust infiltration. This will keep the electrical components safe from the wear and tear that occurs during prolonged use.

It also features a good 2-cycle motor that is built to last and a sturdy 16-inch bar and chain will make it good for working with moderately sized stock. These features make it a great option for amateurs who are really serious about what they do.

Do, however, keep in mind that the price is somewhat restrictive. This is one of the most expensive options on our list.

7.XtremepowerUS 22" inch 2.4HP 45cc Gasoline Chainsaw

  • Very powerful.
  • 2 cycle motor.
  • Huge bar and chain.
  • Moderate price tag.

The Good

This is a great piece of equipment for the buyer that needs a solid piece of equipment at a great price.

Not so Good

It’s a little bit more bark than bite. This unit is super noisy, noxious in its emissions, and lacking in durability.


The XTrempower is great for someone that wants a powerful piece of gear that can work well with tough materials. The 2-cycle motor boast 4HP. With this kind of engine, you won’t have any problem main short work out of most materials.

There are, however, some issues that cut against the performance. It is obnoxiously loud and produces a great deal of emissions. In fact, if you live in an area with restrictive emission standards you may want to look into if this product is even legal.

I also wasn’t thrilled with the durability factor. There are tougher products out there and if you anticipate a high volume of use you’ll want to look into them.

8. Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Chainsaw

  • Great for cutting big and small materials.
  • Long bar great for cutting big trees.
  • Designed to reduce kickback.
  • Quick start button.

The Good

Easy to start and very versatile this is a good all-around product for your average amateur.

Not so Good

It’s a little bit pricier than some buyers might favor.


The Blue Max is a great saw for cutting materials both big and small. The engine is powerful enough o let you cut down harder woods and the safety features are such that even beginners won’t have much to worry about.

The saw is designed to reduce kickback which is one of the most dangerous threats to anyone that is using a chainsaw. It also features a quick start button that will make it easy to activate in any situation.

I was particularly fascinated by the fact that the bars are interchangeable. That makes cutting bushes simple if you have a smaller task at hand.

9. Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chainsaw

  • Great for cutting tough woods.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Lightweight build.
  • Ergonomic design concept.

The Good

The tough engine makes it great for cutting hardwoods. If you are a professional or a dedicated amateur this will be the saw you reach for.

Not so Good

This unit is close to as expensive as a chainsaw is likely to get.


If you have a good deal of money to spend you may consider the Hitachi to be an enticing opportunity. It features a lightweight build, an ergonomic design concept and a powerful engine that makes it great for working with hardwoods.

It also features an emissions filter that makes it a little bit easier on the environment. In short, if you are looking for a pro-grade piece of equipment this unit definitely qualifies.

Unfortunately though, if you want the great engine and the tremendous cutting capacity you will need to be willing to pay for it. This is one of the most expensive chainsaws on the market.

10. WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw, 16" Bar Length

  • Unbeatable price tag.
  • Decent length bar.
  • Lightweight build.

The Good

The Worx features an unbeatable price tag that buyers on a budget won’t want to miss out on.

Not so Good

The price may be unbeatable but the rest of the saw sure isn’t. The construction of this tool is very so so which means people looking for something that can go the distance are going to want to look for something else.


The Worx is going to be an ideal piece of equipment for buyers that are on an extremely restrictive budget. Beginners that are trying to build out their tool collection will probably gravitate towards this saw. It is affordable enough that you can buy it without worrying about your budget.

Unfortunately, though, the price is pretty much all that it has going for it. The engine is not powerful enough for cutting hardwoods. The construction is also very unimpressive. Dust tends to infiltrate the seal which can jeopardize the ultimate performance of the unit as a whole.

Buyer’s Guide

You’ve seen the products but do you know which is right for your needs? Getting the best chainsaw for the money is a lot easier once you’ve done your homework. That being the case here are some buying considerations that will make the decision easier.

Safety Features

A chainsaw is basically just a high powered saw that features an exposed blade. The rapidly rotating chains can be fatal in the worst-case scenario. Obviously, that is something that we all want to avoid and the right safety features can certainly help to make that happen.

My favorite chainsaw safety feature is the electric brakes. Gas chainsaws with electric brakes will stop immediately. That means that the moment you stop revving the motor the blades will stop rotating.

It won’t undo the damage but it will end a dicey situation before it can get worse.


Where you live can have a big impact on the top of gas-powered chainsaw that you can buy. For example, California is extremely strict about their emission standards. This means that you won’t be allowed to buy certain gas-powered chainsaws.


Consequently, most residents of California are limited to battery-driven units. However, with a decent air filter, you may be able to still enjoy the utility of a high powered gas chainsaw.

Figuring out which chainsaw to buy when you are in California can be a little bit tricky but it is manageable. Gas chainsaws that feature an air filter will usually advertise it n the box. When in doubt though, always feel free to contact the manufacturer directly. They will be able to give you a detailed and accurate report of how their product comports with their local laws.

Smart Start


The gas chainsaw is notoriously difficult to start. However, there are many different features that make it easier to use. For example, the quick-start button. While the average chainsaw requires a pull string similar to that of a lawnmower, there are units available that feature an electric start button.

This makes it extremely easy to activate the unit with minimal effort on your part. This means that your gas unit will essentially start the same way as an electric chainsaw.

Chain Tensioning

A chain tensioner automates the upkeep of your chain saw. This feature is going to make it easy to keep your tool in working for much longer than the average tool would. Fortunately, it is a fairly standard component of most chainsaws these days. Some will also feature auto oiling capabilities, while still others are able to sharpen themselves.s

Chainsaw maintenance has been notoriously tedious in the past so these features go a long way towards making the process much more user-friendly.


The length of the bar will determine what you can accomplish with your gas chainsaw. The longer the bar the bigger the stock you can manage. A light-duty chainsaw will probably feature a twelve-inch bar while heavier duty products will be in the 16-20 inch range.

Bigger bars tend to feature larger price tags however they are able to boast a little bit more utility. I like longer bars because you can accomplish the same things that smaller units can accomplish, while also tackling bigger jobs as well.

However, there is a limit to how much this is the case. Larger bars are hard to control. If you are a beginner you won’t want to invest in something that is large and difficult to control. Chainsaw safety is always the most important consideration so don’t overlook it.


Obviously, every chainsaw is also going to feature a chain. However, occasionally you will find unit marketed as being just a bare tool. This means that the chain will not be included. It improves the price of the tool but it also means that some additional purchases will need to be made before you can actually use the chain saw.


The chain of a saw is among the most important features but it is also the most basic. If you find yourself needing to buy a chain separately either as a replacement or as a first purchase it won’t be terribly difficult. Just make sure that the chain you buy is compatible with the size of the bar.

You may also find helpful information from the manufacturer about what chain to buy. They will probably even be able to sell an appropriate chain to you taking all the guesswork out of the equation. With a little bit of advisement, you won’t have any trouble finding a tool-free chain


Is Stihl better than Husqvarna?

Decide for yourself! I’ve highlighted products from both companies in the guide today. Compare the price and features to conclude which you like best. Both are really good.

What is the best brand of chainsaw?

That is a subjective question and therefor lacking a definitive answer. However all of the products on our list today come from really good companies that produce consistently reliable gear.

What are the top 5 chainsaws?

This is another subjective question. That said this is a top ten list, so you know my feelings on the matter. If you want to see five of the best units on the market, go over the first half of my list again.

What is the safest chainsaw?

The safest chainsaw on the market will feature a slew of important safety features. If you want something that is consistently dependable invest in a saw that includes electric brakes.


At this point, my hope is always that you will have found the right product for your situation. However, if you are still on the fence about what chainsaw is the one for you it may help to remember a couple of stand out options from my list. Buyers that want the best of the best regardless of what it costs are sure to love the utility and power of the Husqvarna 18 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw.

And, of course, there are also products out there for the buyer that is trying to save themselves a little bit of money. Buyers that want the most bang for their buck will probably gravitate towards something like the Remington RM4216 16-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw with Carrying Case.

And of course, the other eight products on this list are also really great at what they do. No matter which one you choose, you’re sure to find a great product that produces outstanding results.

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